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“Yale honors the dishonorable” Louisa Brown


Is the title harsh? We may have the answer after reading the article below, published on september 20th, 2016, “Yale Daily News”.  By Louisa Brown Today at Yale, Rwandan President Paul Kagame will deliver the prestigious…

Spain dismisses Rwanda case, abolishes universal jurisdiction


Published on october 8th, 2015 in EJCM INFO Spain’s supreme court has dismissed a high profile case against 40 Rwandan military officials indicted on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and other offenses committed in…

Rwanda/USA: US condemns Kagame move to run for third term


Published on the blog EJCM INFO, october 23rd, 2015 Once again, the United States of America said that they are opposed to a third term for a certain number of Presidents, among others,  Joseph Kabila,…

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