Editorial: your free and independent media is born… umunyamakuru

« Two things form the bedrock of any open society-freedom of expression and rule of law-. If you don’t have those things, you don’t have a free country.» Salman Rushdie

Umunyamakuru.com is a website of the association « Freedom Expression Culture and Peace” LECP in french acronym (Liberté d’Expression Culture et Paix). It will be a current events website that focuses on the background and analysis of Rwandan issues, with a commitment to professional investigative journalism.

Split into three versions (Kinyarwanda, French and English), our media group announces our next mission: professional journalism conducted in the public interest, a form of journalism which is committed and independent, original and critical… A form of journalism which will provide transparency for its readers. Our belief is drawn from the saying, « the dictatorship is ‘close your mouth,’ while democracy is ‘dialogue always.’”

In the future, umunyamakuru.com will also offer a monthly print magazine covering the best from the website, as well as previously unpublished photos.

Umunyamakuru.com is an entity with the ambition to offer its readers reliable information accompanied by a variety of free and independent analyses. It also offers a space for freedom of expression and exercising the right of opinion, in which participation and sharing, of everything and everyone, is respected and encouraged. Through tools and innovative services, we guarantee the anonymity of those who, for reasons of safety or otherwise, would like to send us articles, personal analyses or reactions involving the changes in our dear country, Rwanda.

Operating on the principle of volunteerism, and a paid membership subscription in the future, umunyamakuru.com asks its readers to actively support its independence, freedom and the quality of its content.

Umunyamakuru.com is here for you; indeed, it is yours. It is here to be your voice, a voice for those who currently have no voice in our society.

“No use complaining about the world’s freest press-we fought for it, we got it, now we have to live with the nonsense that it spews out.”  F. H. Batacan

The owners and journalists of umunyamakuru.com would like to give you our best wishes, and we thank you in advance for your commitment to our journal.


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